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Like other Learning Management Systems (LMS), Reqwired incorporates corporate university management with the ability to create customized learning plans for employees. Unlike the others, Reqwired's LMS includes the most comprehensive mandatory continuing education compliance management system ever created. Reqwired's LMS was developed solely with law and accounting firms in mind; thus, implementation is immediate and effortless.

Continuing Education Tracking
Complete Continuing Education Tracking
Reqwired manages every aspect of continuing education compliance including:
  • automatically determining compliance periods
  • tracking simultaneous compliance periods
  • tracking all credit categories
  • tracking prorated credit requirements
  • enforcing limits on CE format types
  • automatically calculating carryover credit
  • making adjustments for reporting period extensions and
  • tracking special requirements for newly-admitted licensees

In addition, Reqwired's staff attorneys ensure the accuracy of Reqwired through regular rule updates that are automatically integrated into the tracking system.

Complete Coverage for the Legal Industry

Reqwired's tracking system is pre-programmed with the CLE rules of every state in the United States. In addition, Reqwired tracks the rules of the Law Societies of England and Hong Kong, California paralegal requirements, and the requirements for a variety of state specializations.

Rule Summaries

Reqwired maintains complete and updated rule summaries for every regulator it tracks on its Resource page so that administrators can easily answer employees' questions about continuing education compliance.

Email Reminders

Reqwired can be configured to send employees regular email reminders informing them of their continuing education status.

Corporate University Management
University / College Model for Course Organization

Create a corporate university with multiple colleges representing the course offerings of particular offices or education providers.

Self-Service Course Registration

End users can browse the university course calendar and register for courses or register for courses directly from email invitations account administrators send them. Registrants receive email confirmation with downloadable appointments ready for import into personal calendaring software like Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Registration Caps and Waitlists

Administrators can set a cap on the number of course registrants permitted. Reqwired will automatically create a wait list for those who register in excess of the pre-set limit. Administrators can manage the wait list, moving those on the wait list to the registration list as they see fit.

Sheets

Create and print a variety of pre-formatted sign-in sheets in one click. Customized sign-in sheets can also be created.

Post-Course Evaluations

Administrators can email course attendees one of Reqwired's pre-formatted or customized course evaluations and collect results electronically. View evaluation summary reports in one click.

Electronic Attendance Certificates

Administrators can issue and deliver course attendance certificates in seconds using Reqwired's electronic attendance certificate feature. Certificates are permanently archived as records attached to their course and to the attendees' Reqwired accounts for easy lookup and retrieval.

Customized Learning Plans
Learning Plan Templates

Administrators can create learning plan templates for groups of employees. Once a template plan is assigned to an employee, the plan can be customized to fit the employee's particular learning needs.

Learning Plan Audits

Generate firm-wide reports of how well employees are meeting learning expectations. Use the reports to aid in understanding firm needs and as valuable intelligence for future curriculum planning.

Other Features
On-Demand Data Export

Download a complete export of your organization's learning data to Microsoft Excel or Access - anytime.

Automated HR Updates

Update your organization account with automatic updates from your HR system.

Single Sign-On

Allow employees to access Reqwired without a username and password.

Multiple Administrator Accounts

An organization account can be administered by one or more administrators. In addition, administrator accounts can be created with different permission levels for different groups of employees.

Share Control

Using permission settings, administrators can choose to permit employees to have 'read' or 'read/write' privileges on their accounts.

Coach Accounts
Coach Accounts give performance coaches / mentors / team leaders management the ability to supervise and manage team members' learning. In addition to being able to view team members' records all in one place, Coach Accounts can be configured per team member to have the following capabilities:
  • Coach Accounts can be configured to receive regular emails summarizing team members' CE compliance status.
  • Coach Accounts can be configured to have write priveleges over professionals' learning plans.
  • Coaches Accounts can be configured to receive an email each time an attorney registers for a University course either through an email invitation or directly through the Professional Account interface. The email that the Coach receives grants the Coach the power to veto the team member's registration.
Reqwired Mobile

Reqwired Mobile is Reqwired's Professional Account interface formatted for handheld mobile devices. From Reqwired Mobile, professionals can view their continuing education compliance status, browse their university, manage their learning plan, register for courses, and complete online course evaluations.

Membership in the Reqwired Network Reqwired Network Logo
The Reqwired Network can drastically reduce continuing education administrators' data entry and filing burdens through two time-saving features.
  • First, when professionals participate in continuing education activities sponsored by Reqwired Network educators, the credits earned (and, in many instances, electronic versions of their attendance certificates) will be "direct deposited" into their accounts. Through use of this feature, employees' continuing education status reports are effortlessly kept up-to-date and certificates never get lost.
  • Second, the Network allows individual professional accounts to be easily decoupled from and/or added to organization accounts. This feature allows professionals' continuing education records to travel with them when they move from employer to employer. The result is consistency in record-keeping, decreased data entry, and a reduction in the administrative demands relating to the departure and hiring of professionals.