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Reqwired is proud to offer individual accountants and attorneys the same unparalleled continuing education (CLE and CPE) tracking service it provides to the legal and accounting industries' best firms.

Complimentary Features
Continuing Education Activity Log

Keep track of all of your continuing education activities and their associated credits in one place.

Integration with Linked Organization Accounts

Those professional accounts linked to organization accounts can view in-house course calendars, download course information into their personal calendaring software (e.g., Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.), register for in-house courses, complete online course evaluations, and collect and print attendance certificates.

Rule Summaries

Reqwired maintains complete and updated continuing education rule summaries on its Resources page so that you can easily find answers to even your most complex continuing education compliance questions.

Membership in the Reqwired NetworkReqwired Network

Should you choose to participate in continuing education activities sponsored by Reqwired Network educators, the credits earned (and, in many instances, electronic versions of their attendance certificates) will be "direct deposited" into your professional account.

Optional Fee-based Features (less than $40/year)
Continuing education compliance management
Works seamlessly with the activity log to give a detailed picture of compliance status for over 170 regulators in the legal, accounting, and insurance industries. Features include:
  • Automatic determination of compliance periods
  • Tracking all credit categories
  • Automatic determination of prorated credit requirements for abbreviated compliance periods
  • Tracking special requirements for newly-admitted licensees
  • Enforcement of limits/prohibitions on credits earned through various formats of continuing education
  • Automatic calculation of carryover credits
  • Tracking of simultaneous compliance periods
  • Automatic credit adjustments for compliance period extensions
  • Notification of rule updates and changes
Monthly Email Reminders

Reqwired's monthly email reminders keep you informed of your continuing education compliance status and of courses that meet your specific continuing education needs and preferences.